First Education Session

Ready for our first education session of the season? Join us on January 25th for a session with former Canadian National Justin Tasev! Justin will be leading us on “the do’s and don’ts of dealing with mass confrontation”. This is a PHSA session, so upgrading referees please come by!

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Mississauga Soccer Referees' Organization Inc.(MSRO)

The Mississauga Soccer Refrees' Organization (MSRO) was founded on June 6, 2008 to promote the interests of Referees in the city of Mississauga. 

 •To improve the status, protect the interests, and promote the welfare of Referees and to retain, in membership, those who have ceased active Refereeing.

 •To establish, develop and assist, new candidates and to improve the standard of Refereeing. 

 •To ensure that all games at which members officiate are played in accordance with the Laws of the Game (LOTG) established by the International Football Board and with the rules of competition set by competent local authorities approved by The Ontario Soccer (OS).

 •To foster a relationship of co-operation between Referees and The Ontario Soccer Association, and its affiliates and associated bodies and to assist the Organization in promoting the knowledge and best interests of the game.

The Mississauga Soccer Referees' Organization (MSRO) is affiliated with The Peel Halton Soccer Association (PHSA)

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